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This page is dedicated for you who struggle with your health in some way and are looking for information that can help you in your daily life.

Healing With Coconuts

Hi, and welcome to my “Healing With Coconuts” website.

Most people know very little about coconut oil and certainly are not aware of the monumental benefits it has for your health, beauty and a multitude of other uses. For example, I bet you didn’t know that coconut oil is a fabulous teeth whitener? In fact, I bet you are unaware of the many benefits of using coconut oil as part of your daily lifestyle. My intent with this site is to introduce people to the health benefits of coconut oil which I have seen in my life.

The tree of life.

Coconut oil grows on a coconut palm tree. It was given the name “The tree of life” because it provides so many health benefits, so it is used not just to eat but as providing a whole array of health and medicinal benefits.   It’s also referred its scientific name of “Cocos Nucifera.” No matter what you call it, it’s a super-food worth checking out.

Coconut oil is widely respected as a natural healer:

12633765_s - lots of coconuts in a treeeEarly Spanish explorers discovered and named the coconut for coco, which in Spanish translates to “monkey face,” because the coconut is similar to a monkeys face, and head.  Coconuts contain a large percentage of fiber, vitamins, and minerals and are highly nutritious not to mention tasty. The populations of Asian and the Pacific rim have been using coconut oil as part of their traditional medicine tool kit for centuries. Coconut oil possesses healing properties that well exceeds any other dietary oil. Luckily modern medical science is now starting to realize the healing benefits that the Spanish have known for decades.

It’s a drupe, not a nut.

One thing I discovered when I did my research on the coconut,  was that it not a nut despite having a word “nut” in its name. It’s actually called a coconut oil and health benefitsdrupe which is a type of fruit in which an outer fleshy part surrounds a shell with a seed inside. The coconut plant is very versatile. The young green ones are the best sources of benefits because they contain the freshest meat and water. Coconuts are not only used for food and medicine but the fiber can be spun into rope, and the hard shell can be turned into charcoal. If need be, you can also use it as a handy flotation device.

Though the origin of the coconut may be vague it is now grown in more than 70 countries throughout the world and not just the tropical ones. In fact, the UK and the USA have become suppliers of coconut oil worldwide. Everyday, new benefits and uses are discovered, many of which are outlined on this site.

The healthiest oil on earth.

The coconut oil has been described as “the healthiest oil on earth.” There was a time when coconut oil was dismissed 15627653_s - coconut and a bottle of oilbecause of the high content of saturated fat. Many believe that saturated fat clogs the arteries, but in the case of coconut oil, this was not found to be the case. Serious studies with thousands of test subjects proved that to be wrong. We also know that a population called the “Tokelauans,” who inhabit the South Pacific, consume over 60 % of their calories from coconuts and are the biggest consumers of saturated fat in the world. They are also in excellent health and have no evidence of heart disease. Natives have been known to spread coconut oil over their skin as a natural sun protection product reducing the harmful effects of the sunshine on the skin.

I welcome you to explore this site and learn more about how to incorporate this miracle oil as part of your daily health routine. I am sure you are very curious by now on how to do that!

Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions- my goal is to teach (OK and covert!) as many people as I can into using coconut oil daily as part of a healthy regime. Please feel free to share your experiences with other site visitors.

To a healthier you!